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Whether you need your website up in a few days or you dont have the budget for a fully designed custom site, we have the solution for you.

So you’re ready to get your business a shiny new online home? You’ve come to the right place. Professionally designed and developed WordPress websites in record time. Let’s make the website process simple and fun.

We understand that not every business has the luxury of time and resources to invest in a fully custom website. That’s why we’ve created a range of pre-built website templates that are not only visually stunning but also suited to your brand.

Our pre-builts are designed to help businesses and individuals get online quickly and cost-effectively. We take care of the technical aspects, so you can focus on what matters most – your content and message.

Just choose your look, book your build and send us your content. Then get a shiny new website and live happily ever after. Easy peasy.

Getting a website has never been this fun!

Choose your designed templates that suit your industry and style.


Book your project with us and customise it to fit your brand.


Enjoy professional website design without breaking the bank.


Get your website live in days, not weeks.

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    Think of it like a stencil. The outline is there – the structure of the whole page and how the menu works and stuff. But the way the stencil is coloured in is unique to your business – your logo, colours, pictures and words.

    You can either colour in the stencil with a royal blue marker or you can use a glitter pen. Although the stencil outline remains the same, the end result is something unique to you.

    The layout and functionality is a template instead of a totally bespoke design and build, but the website is still something unique to you and your business.

    A new business seldom has a huge pile of money to throw around on all the things, so instead we carefully choose to what to invest our start-up budgets on. A template site is much more affordable than a bespoke one. It’s like a buying a really great item of clothing from an upmarket chain store instead of getting a custom piece made by a specialist tailor.

    Aint nobody got cash for a hand-sewn ballgown cut to fit exactly to our bodies for our first dress, so why would we have the budget for a bespoke website when we’re just starting out (or ever)!

    Just like buying an item of clothing off the rack means that you can afford to go back and buy another next season or when you decide that a tulle-ruffle neckline with silver studs and seven neon green sequin bows is not actually your style, so a template site allows you room to change your mind and evolve.

    As your business grows you’ll figure out what you want to do more of and what you no longer want to offer. A template site gives you the room to grow and refine your services as you go on your business journey. You’ll also be able to easily edit the site as your business changes.

    Entrepreneurs often get caught in the trap of “everything is figure-out-able” and so you feel like you should do everything yourself. Yes, anybody can build their own website, but at what cost? How many hours, weeks or months of your time are you willing to spend learning how to do it yourself? Is it worth it? Building a website that works and looks great on all devices is not as simple as it’s made out to be. It’s not rocket science and totally figure-out-able, but it’s also not as simple as making a cup of coffee (although a really good flat white is also not simple). Why buy all the fancy coffee-making equipment and watch all the tutorials and buy the books and go to the workshops and spend millions of hours perfecting making that flat white when you can just hand over some cash in exchange for a thoroughly delicious cuppa made by a friendly expert barista? You wouldn’t DIY it then right? So why try to do it all yourself with something as important as your website?

    You are capable and strong and independent – you have to be to have gotten this far along your entrepreneurial journey. But just because you can do everything, doesn’t mean you have to do everything. Outsourcing is a necessity. Trust a professional, save yourself time, and get a better product in the end. Win-win-win (unicorn emoji).

    Because we do it for you, you’re guaranteed to have a totally awesome website alive on the internet for all to see in record time. No more stressing about what the difference is between and and what plugins to buy and WTF a header is or any of that noise. Instead, just choose your template, book your build, and gather the content you need. Donezel Washington. Yay!

    There is no catch! We’re not trying to upsell you on the membership, hook you into an unnecessary subscription or snatch any of your precious cash on stuff you don’t need. We’re simply offering an affordable and easy way to get a really great website and matching design collateral. Simple.

    No tricks, just magic.

    You ready?

    How it works

    Minimum requirements:
    – A business name
    – You need to buy your domain and set up your hosting.
    – Logo, colours, fonts and content.

    It’s a good idea to also have all your branding and images ready to go.  That way all you need to do after you buy and before we build is to get your copy ready.

    You’ll get an email confirming your purchase and then within 48 hours you’ll get another email with a link to the project in our project management system.

    You’ll follow the link and you can start uploading your content for us into the relevant folders. You will complete the info doc with your social links and email for us to use on your contact form. You’ll also complete the copy documents for each page.

    This will have to be done by the content delivery deadline in the project calendar which is two days before your build slot.  You’ll get emails reminding you to upload your content and complete the relevant info and copy docs.

    On build day you’ll need to be available via email for any questions we may have and in case of two-factor authentication for your hosting and/or connecting your Instagram feed to the site if necessary.

    You’ll upload your content to the relevant folders in our project management system. We will send you a link to the project area within 48 hours of your purchase. It’s very easy to use and we know you’ll love how organised it helps the project be.

    As soon as your site is built we’ll pop you an email with links to the tutorial videos and the pdf handbook for your template. We will add you as an admin user to your site and you’ll get an email from WordPress with a link to follow to reset your password.  Nice and easy.

    Yes, you will get full administrator access to the backend of your site.  That means that you can change and edit everything and really be in control of your own website.

    Yes, your site is your own once it has been built. But the design remains the intellectual property of Billie and Code so you can’t reproduce or resell your site or it’s design.

    What about refunds

    All purchases are final. Once you’ve booked your build slot and paid your fee then there’s no turning back. You’re gonna get a hella cool Billie and Code WordPress template website built onto your hosting server at your domain.

    If you don’t find the time to get your unique content together then that’s totally ok. We will simply build out the template site exactly like the demo and give you all the necessary tutorials to edit the site and populate it with your unique content when you are ready.

    No. All purchases are final. Once you have made payment then your purchase is complete and cannot be refunded for any reason.

    If something drastic happens and you no longer have the hosting and domain then please pop us an email at requesting a cancellation and letting us know why you no longer have access to the domain and hosting. We will then process your cancellation.

    Unfortunately, no refunds are offered as your build slot has been booked upon purchase and we cannot sell that slot again so we’ll just twiddle our thumbs during that scheduled time.

    All content is due two days before the scheduled build.  No exceptions. If you miss the content delivery deadline then we will simply build out a website exactly the same as the demo.

    It will then be your responsibility to populate the site with your own content.

    No. Your build slot is locked in upon purchase and cannot be changed.

    Worst case scenario we will simply build out the template site exactly like the demo and give you all the necessary tutorials to edit the site and populate it with your own unique content when you are actually ready.

    What you get

    You get the template site you choose built for you on your domain and populated with your unique content.

    We will upload and activate WordPress for you, install the skeleton theme and our Billie and Code child theme for your template. Then we’ll install and activate the plugins your site will need including a premium page builder.

    We’ll create the pages and menus if applicable and then add the demo layout and functionality.

    We’ll resize and rename your images according to SEO best practices before we upload them to the site.

    We’ll add the images into the page in the places we know will look best (if you’ve uploaded options for us).  In other words we will choose the images we think work best in each image area according to orientation, movement, lines and quality.

    All this is included in your purchase!

    No. What you pay for your template is what you pay and we won’t come back after checkout and ask for more money for anything.

    You just need to buy your domain and hosting before you purchase a template site. The domain and hosting is for your expense and is not included in your purchase.

    You absolutely can! You can buy our fully editable Canva templates to match your site design and provide a consistent look across all platforms.

    No, sorry. What you see is what you get.  So if the site you buy has 4 pages then you will get 4 pages.

    More than that the pages will be named the same the demo site e.g. home, about, services, contact.

    No changes will be made to this by us.  You are welcome to add extra pages, rename them or do whatever else you want after the site is built and handed over to you.

    We will be adding new tutorials all the time to help you to take your website to the next level.

    Your domain and hosting is not included and you need to purchase this yourself first before buying a template website from Billie and Code.

    Although we resize and rename your images according to SEO best practices and the sites we build are fast and fully responsive, we do not provide any SEO services as part of the website purchase. You will need to do this yourself after website handover and we’ll be adding a whole series of tutorials soon to help you with this.

    Backups and updates of your site are also not included and you will need to do this yourself. We install and activate a great plugin that you can use to make backups yourself and we teach you how to use it. We also show you how to update WordPress, themes and plugins as part of the tutorial video series.

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