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Case Study
How we increased our client's sales in under 6 months.

Case study | How we increase our clients sales in under 6months

Our client is a small retail business that specializes in selling DIY renovation products. They have been struggling to increase their visibility and sales in the highly competitive market. The client approached us with a goal to increase their online presence, attract more local customers, and boost their sales.

The main objective of the client was to increase visibility and sales through Google Ads targeted search and shopping campaigns. They wanted to attract more local customers who are interested in purchasing DIY renovation products.

To achieve the client’s objectives, we launched a search advertising campaign that targeted locally relevant, high-intent search terms. We researched the most popular keywords related to home DIY products in the client’s area and created ad groups based on individual product categories. We also tested different tones in the ad copy to find out what resonated with the local audience.

We optimised the campaign regularly by analyzing the search term reports, negative keyword lists, and bid adjustments to maximize the ROI. We also ensured that the ad extensions and landing pages were optimized to provide a seamless experience to the users.

The search advertising campaign that we launched for our client yielded significant results. The conversion value increased by 4.36%, which means that the client received more revenue for every rand spent on the campaign. The interaction rate increased by 30.87%, which indicates that the ad was engaging and relevant to the audience. Moreover, our client’s ROI increased to 87%, which means that they received R6.71 for every rand spent on these campaigns.

The search and shopping advertising campaign that we launched for our client has proved to be highly effective in increasing their online visibility and boosting their sales. By targeting locally relevant, high-intent search terms and launching ad groups based on individual product categories, we were able to deliver a personalized and relevant experience to the users. The results speak for themselves, and we are proud to have helped our client achieve their business objectives through our expertise in Google Ads.

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Written by: Billie and Code

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