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Topic covered in this ebook

We cover all the essential elements that help your customers convert.

Website Design and User Experience

Is your website visually appealing and user-friendly? Is it optimized for mobile devices and loading quickly? Customers won’t stick around if your website is hard to navigate or doesn’t look trustworthy.

Product Pages

Do your product pages provide clear and informative information with high-quality images and detailed descriptions? Are you highlighting the key features and benefits of your products?

Checkout Process

Is your checkout process streamlined and easy to use? Does it offer multiple payment options and clear shipping and return policies? Offering a guest checkout option can also increase conversions.


Have you optimised your website and product pages for relevant keywords? Are you regularly creating high-quality content and building backlinks from reputable sources?

Performance Tracking

Are you regularly monitoring your website data and A/B testing different elements of your website to optimise for better results?

Bouns! Ads

Are you running ads and they just not giving you the results you are looking for? Do you get likes, comments and share but no sales?

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