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Email Marketing
Yes, this is still a great way to generate a ROI

So you’ve got a newsletter sign-up form on your website and you’ve built a nice database of customers that want to receive newsletters from you. Now the question is, how do you run successful email marketing campaigns?

We’ve worked out the best strategy to allow you to be able to build trustful relationships and generate a greater Return On Investment.


Yes, this might sound a bit obvious, but you would be surprised at how often we’ve encountered people that have been using the platform for years and still don’t know all the tools that are offered. There are many courses that you can take, however, Mailchimp has some great guides and tutorials to introduce you to their platform and tools.

use mailchimp’s phenomenal
customer service?

There are no incorrect questions! If you are getting stuck somewhere and just need some quick advice or an answer to a question, Mailchimp has great support and get back to you with an immediate answer.

Automation! Automation! automation!

Automating your flow will increase your sales, engagement rates and create less work on your end. You only have to set up your flow once and then just leave it to run in the backend. How personal would it make your customers feel to receive a birthday message from you with a discount code… automation is key in building up long-standing relationships with your clients.

Use The

It’s as simple as drag and drop and you have a stunning email to send out to your database! No need for coding and lengthy processes. Everything is in your control.

Set A

Once you are happy with your newsletter, set up a schedule, click “Let Mailchimp optimize send time for maximum engagement” and allow Mailchimp to do the rest for you. Mailchimp has created a tool that analyses your subscriber activity and will send out a newsletter to match when your most active opens are.

A/B Test Your
Subject Lines
How do you know what to put as your subject line, how many characters to use or how emojis impact engagement? Well, it’s simple really, create a campaign using an A/B split campaign and analyse the data afterwards by gathering information and then making adjustments from there.
Now you have some industry secrets 😉  Happy marketing!

Written by: Billie and Code

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