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Coming to SA
What does that mean?

JUST IN: Amazon is on its way to South Africa … but what does that mean?

That’s right – earlier this year, leaked documents show that Amazon is planning to launch in South Africa in 2023 under the codename “Project Fela”.

Amazon has recently secured a warehouse in South Africa, so it’s pretty much a done deal. But…what does this mean for your business?

Getting in sooner rather than later with Amazon is a must. Why? Organic ranking. As soon as Amazon launches in SA, it’s first come, first serve. If your products appear organically before any other business on Amazon when a certain keyword is searched, your ranking will improve without you even lifting a finger. In the eCommerce world, it’s either page 1 or nothing. If your product is organically appearing on page 1 of Amazon’s result page, then Bob’s your uncle!

For an eCommerce business, word-of-mouth marketing can either make or break your brand. This is where reviews come in. Unlike other online platforms, Amazon takes product reviews really seriously. Building up your reviews will eventually improve your brand trust. Amazon values their customers, which is why brand trust is super important when it comes to selling on Amazon. Having a good quantity of good reviews increases your brand trust as well as your ranking for SEO.

Amazon also brings great benefits when you have trademarked your product. Just like Amazon cares about the buyers, they also care about the sellers. By trademarking your product, your conversions will increase on Amazon as well as on your own eCommerce website. For example, if you’re selling candles, you want everyone to immediately think of your business when they think of candles. This is where the trademark comes in. Amazon takes this kind of leadership into consideration – it’s fair business all around.  Trademarking also protects your brand, which makes it a win-win situation.

Now let’s chat about an issue all local businesses struggle with,  going international. Amazon solves this issue with the snap of a finger. By selling on Amazon, your products are immediately advertised worldwide, because Amazon is a worldwide platform. The world literally becomes your oyster. This will eventually increase your brand awareness in many different countries. Amazon’s customers could then become your customers. When someone receives your product and becomes obsessed with it, they will then seek your website and purchase directly from you as well as from Amazon. Again, it’s a win-win.

Amazon coming to SA is going to shake the eCommerce world. How can you hop on this train with us? Read part 2 to find out more!

Thanks for reading!

Written by: Billie and Code

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