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These are the most common features that we cannot wait to have, but there are a ton more in testing!

New instagram features in 2022

These are the most common features that we cannot wait to have!

So, there’s been some memes going around about some people having the new Instagram features in 2022 and some people not having them. On the 21st of November, Billie and Code posted a poll on Instagram asking if anyone else was also waiting for their Instagram to update. Here are the results we got:

  • 0% said that they have new features.
  • 50% said that they’re still waiting for their app to have an update.
  • 50% said that they didn’t even know Instagram had new features.

We have no idea why some people have the newest features, and some people don’t, but here’s what we do know – Instagram definitely has added some exciting new things to their app and although we haven’t been able to experiment with all of them yet, we wanted to chat about a few of the updates we’ve heard about!

Adding stickers to Reels

This is a pretty cool idea. Now when posting reels, you can add an Instagram Sticker on your reel to increase reel engagement. This is a fun way of quickly interacting with your audience.

Instagram Subscriptions

Creators are at the core of the future innovation at Instagram. Just like YouTube, you can now subscribe to your favourite creators and brands for exclusive content. It’s VIP access if you will. This feature includes Subscriber Chats, Subscriber Reels, Subscriber Posts and Subscriber Home page.

Auto-generated captions

Making life so much easier, this feature auto-generates captions on Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories. This feature also makes Instagram more accessible to members of the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.

Instagram Creator Marketplace

This is still being tested in various countries. It will be a marketplace where brands and creators can easily build branded content partnerships. This feature helps the Instagram Algorithm connect users with creators and brands they could be interested in.

Parental Control

There are four new updates within parental control. The “Take a Break” feature helps limit a user’s screen time on Instagram specifically. The “Launching Nudges” feature encourages a user to explore different topics to avoid focusing on one interest for too long. The “Sensitive Content Control” feature has also become stricter. The “Support Amber” feature allows for missing person alerts in a user’s area.

Scheduling on Instagram

Say goodbye to third-party apps! This new feature allows users to directly schedule stories, posts, reels and live videos on the Instagram app. Such a time savour!

These are the most common new Instagram features in 2022 that we cannot wait to have, but there are a ton more in testing! Embed Social has also mentioned some Instagram updates that sound pretty fantastic.

Follow us on Instagram to see us use the new features (when we eventually have them, LOL).

Thanks for reading!

Written by: Billie and Code

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